About us

We develop innovative digital imaging technologies, applied for a wide range of optical systems from high-end DSLR cameras to mobile phones. Our customers are as big as top smartphone OEMs and as numerous as millions of users of our photo applications.

We are a team of world-class professionals who are devoted to driving digital imaging to a new level and provide users with exceptional imaging features.

Embedded Imaging

Almalence is a global leader in mobile imaging and a vendor to top mobile device makers.

Our solutions are aimed on delivery of exceptional imaging quality and features on mobile phones. While further physical improvement of sensors and lenses is almost impossible, sophisticated processing algorithms allow unbelievable quality improvements, such as two times effective resolution increase.

VR HMD technology

Almalence computational lens correction technology boosts VR/AR HMD picture quality and visual fidelity.

Photo Software

Our most advanced computational photography algorithms are implemented in smarphone applications and in desktop software for professional and amateur photographers.

Developer Products

We provide all of our solutions in a form of SDKs licensable to third parties. Our SDKs are licensed by such famous imaging software developers as HDRSoft and Imagic AG.

The open-source project A Better Camera is aimed to become a top-ranked all-purpose camera application for Android, allowing any developer to add their plugins and get instant exposure to millions of users.

Super Resolution

Super resolution is a method for enhancing the resolution of an image or of an optical system.

This can be done by either acquiring more graphic information (e.g. taking and merging several images of the same object) or by reconstructing details lost due to the faults of the optical system (applying knowledge of the optical system's properties).

Our technology uses both ways to achieve maximum image quality.

Almalence's super resolution technology supports automatic algorithm tuning to particular cameras and optics. That makes it possible to achieve maximal image improvement for every imaging system.

Unlike many other existing super resolution methods, our method is non-iterative. With this method, it is possible to process even 20-40 megapixel images with an ordinary desktop computer within minutes. Other methods might require enormous amounts of memory and hours of time for calculations. Moreover, our method provides the best output quality compared to other methods.

The super resolution module of PhotoAcute SDK, which is available for licensing, contains super resolution processing functions and a number of camera/lens profiles for super resolution processing. We also deliver the tool for creation of profiles.

Example of resolution enhancement with PhotoAcute

This video demonstrates PhotoAcute in action

The input set of RAW images is processed to get final image with higher resolution

Resolution improvement is best seen in the areas with regular patterns and grids, as well as small prints.

In this video you can see an amazing resolution boost. A comparable resolution increase could be achived with switching to a twice higher resolution camera with much quality lens, which in the given case would have more than ten times higher price.

Canon or Nikon?

Look at the photo and guess is it Canon or Nikon?

The answer is: the photos were taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera+.

Ok, a mobile cannot beat a DSLR now, but a compact camera is probably unneeded once you have a modern camera phone with advanced imaging features like those developed by Almalence.

The photos are from tosthed's photostream on flickr. Check that photostream for probably the best mobile photos you've ever seen.