Almalence SuperSensor is a groundbreaking technology for integrated camera quality improvement without hardware modifications.

Unlike other imaging solutions, each of which improves some specific property such as dynamic range or noise level only, SuperSensor provides complex improvements. Its effect is similar to replacing a 1/4" sensor with a 1/3" sensor containing more pixels, which results in higher resolution, lower noise, higher speed, and wider dynamic range altogether.

- Effective resolution increase up to 2x
- PSNR increase 5-10 dB
- Dynamic range increase 2-3Ev
- Image Stabilization

- Extended dynamic range makes traditional HDR unneeded in most of cases
- An equivalent of optical zoom due to resolution increase
- Radical noise reduction in low light
- Recovery of details in shadows
- Backlight scenes recovery
- Highlights clipping reduction
- Reduction of side illumination haze
- Correction of auto-exposure failures and revealing of low contrast details on snow and beach scenes

Almalence SuperSensor presentation, examples, comparisons (PDF)


Demo of Almalence SuperSensor is publicly available in a form of Android app for Google (LG) Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

If you have Nexus 5, you need Anrdoid 5.0 to run SuperSensor demo (was tested with LRX21O build from


Left: Standard image. Camera resolution was insufficient to capture a picture with readable text.
Right: An image taken with the same camera with SuperSensor techonlogy. With enhanced resolution the text becomes readable.

Left: Standard image. Under a low illumination the camera could not capture the picture.
Right: An image taken with the same camera with SuperSensor techonlogy. With improved low light sensitivity (vitrually, with larger pixel size), the picture becomes visible.

Left: Standard image. The dynamic range of the camera was not enough to capture both bright background (sky and clouds) and the foreground object (building) which came out dark. Note that in the bottom area of the building the image details are totally lost in shadows.
Right: An image taken with the same camera with SuperSensor techonlogy. Having an extended dynamic range, the camera with SuperSensor captured both the bright sky and the building.

Original images

All the images illustrating SuperSensor presentation and the example images above are unaltered except for cropping.
Original images are available, click here to download (RAR)