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A Better Camera

For years we've been providing you with the most advanced imaging applications for Android. Now we have fused all our applications into a single multi-purpose camera app.

Moreover, we have made this application open source so that it should be backed with the power of Android developers community!


Forget about having tens of camera apps. A Better Camera does everything you need.

Get HDR, Panorama, Night mode, Group shot and many other features in a single application!

A number of top ranked Android camera apps has been melted into A Better Camera to provide you with all-purpose full featured camera app.

Being open to 3rd party developers, this application aggregates the experience of Android developers community to provide you with the most complete set of the best imaging features ever!


Add your plugin to A Better Camera and get an instant exposure to millins of users!

Join the team of world-class professionals to create the best Android camera app.

A Better Camera features in brief:

  • Multiple modes for every situation and environment
  • Simple (just the viewfinder) and comprehensive (real time histograms, other information) modes available, switchable with a swipe!
  • All available camera parameters can be controlled
  • Quick one-tap access to the most important options (customizable!)

HDR Camera

HDR Camera+ is the number 1 HDR camera application for Android and is constantly in Top 10 Photography applications on Google Play

It delivers vivid and detailed photos that look like they have been taken with a pro camera and processed with professional HDR software.

The complete absense of ghosting artefacts (edge doubling) on moving objects makes HDR Camera+ an application that can be used in any situation for capturing high dynamic range scenes.


  • Exposure bracketing range: -2Ev..+2Ev
  • Fast on-device HDR processing
  • Perfect image alignment and de-ghosting of moving objects
  • Full resolution
  • Tone mapping parameters are adjustable real time

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The HDR fusion and tone mapping technology used in HDR Camera+ is now licensed to several mobile OEMs and will be embedded in the emerging mobile devices.

HD Panorama

HD Panorama+ allows taking high resolution panoramic images.

It features augmented reality preview (taken images are shown over the scene), smooth stitching and deghosting of moving objects.


  • Up to 100 Megapixel panoramic images
  • Up to 360° panoramas
  • Perfect image alignment, smooth stitching, de-ghosting of moving objects

Get HD Panorama+ from Google Play.

Free version of HD Panorama+ (no ads!): Download from Google Play

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Night Camera

Night Camera+ allows taking noise free and blur free images in low light, making your mobile phone camera usable in environments where other mobile cameras are unusable.

Night Camera+ uses Almalence's patented Blurless Exposure solution to make a sharp and noise free image out of series of input frames.


  • Makes mobile camera usable in 10 Lux illumination (normally it is usable starting from 100 Lux)
  • Night vision mode: clean image is displayed real time in viewfinder

Get Night Camera+ from Google Play.

Free version (no ads!) of Night Camera+: Download from Google Play


Never miss a moment! Pix Fix takes the images before you tap the buton, not after (when it's too late).

Unlike the other cameras that take an image after you tap the shutter button, Pix Fix keeps taking the images UNTIL you tap the button.

So, the meaning of the Button is now "Stop! That's a wrap!" instead of "That's the moment, ooops I've missed it".

This is great for capturing sports, kids playing, pets and other unpredictable subjects and volatile moments.

Pix Fix takes up to 10 photos per second and records up to 10 seconds before you tap the button. Once tapped the button, you have a series of photos taken before the tap. You can then pick the photos where the moment is captured. You can save the picked photos or save all of them as separate images, as an animated gif or as a video.

Get PixFix from Google Play.

PhotoAcute, a multishot wizard

No matter how good is your camera, you might still want more. Multishot photography is a set of techniques to go beyond the physical camera capabilities by taking a series of images instead of one and performing special processing to create a final single image.

PhotoAcute is the number 1 tool for multishot photography, capable of increasing resolution beyond the sensor limits, expanding dynamic range and depth of field, reducing noise and chromatic aberrations.


  • Super resolution - resolution enhancement beyond the sensor capabilities
  • Dynamic range expansion
  • Depth of field expansion (focus stacking)
  • Automatic chromatic aberrations correction
  • Removing of unneeded moving objects
  • Minimizing (or maximizing) reflections with polzrization-bracketed series of images
  • Elastic non-linear image alignment with sub-pixel precision
  • RAW-in-RAW-out processing which allows PhotoAcute integration in any workflow
  • Precise radiometric alignment
Visit PhotoAcute site Download fully featured free trial

A thorough introduction and a hands-on guide to super-resolution and other multishot techniques written by professional photographers.

Using a series of example images, the authors explain and illustrate the use of each technique in great detail. Included are lessons on HDRI, superresolution, focus stacking, and stitching. Moreover, the reader will learn how to effectively combine these techniques.

Throughout the book, the authors use tools such as PhotoAcute Studio, Photoshop, Photomatix Pro, FDRTools, CombineZM, DOP Detail Extractor, and Helicon Focus to illustrate the workflow with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

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HDRAW, a HDR-from-single-RAW tool

Start taking better images right now - switch to RAW, convert RAW into stunning images in two clicks with HDRAW.

Your camera captures the details, HDRAW makes them visible

The maximal dynamic range - the contrast between the brightest point and the darkest one - of a JPEG image is about 4,000 times lower than the range seen by a human eye. A camera captures several times higher dynamic range than one available with JPEG. This means that the range is either cut or squeezed in JPEG photos, therefore in high contrast scenes the details in highlights and shadows are lost, as well as the details of low-contrast objects. RAW images still contain the full dynamic range captured by the camera.

HDRAW utilizes Tone Mapping technique, allowing to preserve the details while fitting high dynamic range image into the limited dynamic range of JPEG or any other 8-bit format. Exploiting the properties of the human vision, HDRAW makes the picture and color details visible in all areas of the photo from the darkest to the brightest one.

Single-image HDR

HDRAW is a single-image HDR tool that utilizes higher dynamic range available in RAW.

RAW made easy

While usual RAW development process is a sophisticated task that requires adjusting a lot of parameters in a RAW converter, HDRAW is intended to produce rich detail images virtually in one click (ok, three clicks actually). It still allows you to adjust tone mapping parameters, but the standard presets are enough in most cases.


  • Unbelievably easy RAW conversion
  • Rich detail and vivid colors
  • HDR from single RAW: utilization of the whole dynamic range avaiable in RAW image
  • Available for Mac and Windows
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ChromAcute, freeware CA correction plugin

ChromAcute removes chromatic aberrations (color fringing) from your digital photos.

It is a freeware plugin for Adobe Photoshop.


  • One-click correction of color fringing
  • No manual adjustments needed
  • Batch processing avaliable
  • 16-bit color support
Visit ChromAcute site, download ChromAcute