Take Mobile Imaging To the Next Level


Presentation: Mobile Imaging Solutions Overview (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Key features of Almalence Mobile Imaging Solutions:

  • Noticeable boost in image quality ("wow" effect).
  • No change of sensor and lens needed. Integration is easy, quick and low-cost.
  • Perfect performance in real-life conditions: low light, hand shake, moving objects.
  • ANSI-C reference code optimized for 32bit integer ARM.
  • Utilization of GPU/DSP available on device.
  • Versions for specialized imaging processors (such as Tensilica IVP32), providing high-speed operation and low power consumption.
  • Protected by patents. Patent clearance. No 3rd-patry IP used.
  • Licensed by top mobile OEMs in Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. Used in most advanced devices on the market.


Super Sensor

Almalence SuperSensor is a groundbreaking technology for integrated camera quality improvement without hardware modifications.

Unlike other imaging solutions, each of which improves some specific property such as dynamic range or noise level only, SuperSensor provides complex improvements. Its effect is similar to replacing a 1/4" sensor with a 1/3" sensor containing more pixels, which results in higher resolution, lower noise, higher speed, and wider dynamic range altogether.


  • Effective resolution increase up to 2x
  • PSNR increase 5-10 dB
  • Dynamic range increase 2-3Ev
  • Image Stabilization


  • Extended dynamic range makes traditional HDR unneeded in most of cases
  • An equivalent of optical zoom due to resolution increase
  • Radical noise reduction in low light
  • Recovery of details in shadows
  • Backlight scenes recovery
  • Highlights clipping reduction
  • Reduction of side illumination haze
  • Correction of auto-exposure failures and revealing of low contrast details on snow and beach scenes

Demonstration, Presentation, Examples:

Super Resolution Zoom

Based on super resolution technology, Super Zoom provides high definition zoomed images. Images taken with Super Zoom have more details, as if they were taken with an optical zoom lens.


  • Resolution increase: more than 2 times.
  • Supported zoom levels: x1.1-x32.
  • PSNR increase: 5-10 dB.
  • Robust to real life conditions such as noise, moving objects, changing illumination, handshaking.
  • The only commercially available solution with such characteristics.


Almalence's mobile HDR solution: HDR on mobile device with the quality of professional desktop HDR software.

With pefect alignment, proprietary fast and efficient tone mapping and patented deghosting algorithm, our solution lets taking stunnig images with vivid color and rich detail with ordinary mobile cameras.


  • Exposure bracketing range: up to -4Ev..+4Ev
  • On-device processing within fraction of a second
  • Processing and de-ghosting of moving objects
  • Handshaking compensation, precise alignment
  • Full resolution
  • Tone mapping parameters adjustable real time
  • Stunning images looking like taken with a good camera and processed with professional HDR software

Besides embedding Almalence's HDR in mobile devices, we also use it to power HDR Camera+, one of the top camera apps for Android, with several million of users.

Real-time (FullHD video) HDR is available with Almalence's HDR solution implementation for Tensilica IVP32 imaging processor.

Dynamic Range Optimizer

Have you ever noticed that you see much more details when looking at a scene by eye than when seeing a photo of the same scene? If not, it's just because it's too common to be noticed. Even having, physically, a lower dynamic range than a camera, human eyes see more.

Almalence DRO optimizes the usage of dynamic range of 8-bit images to make the most of image details visible. DRO uses a technique similar to tone mapping, exploiting the peculiarities of human vision. DRO can be used either for optimally converting RAW image into 8-bit RGB/YUV image or for improving existing 8-bit images.


  • Replace ISP RAW conversion to perfectly fit graphical information available in 12/16-bit RAW image into the dynamic range of 8-bit image
  • Improve existing 8-bit YUV/RGB images either coming from ISP or available in storage


  • Can replace HDR in many cases
  • A simple solution for fully automatic image enhancement: visual image quality improved in 100% cases
  • No noise amplification
  • Extremely fast, can work real time in viewfinder mode
  • Can be used for still photo and for video
  • Easy to integrate
  • Can be used with Almalence Blurless Exposure solution for better low light performance

Low light and noise reduction

Almalence's BlurLess Exposure solution combines multiple frames into a single "long exposure" image, eliminating noise without losing image details and preventing blur.

With such low light capabilities, mobile phone can be used in almost any environment and can replace a generic point-snd-shoot camera.


  • Illuminance required for acceptable image quality:
    Typical mobile camera: 100 Lux
    Same camera with Blurless Exposure: 10 Lux

  • Correct handling of handshaking and moving objects
  • Drastic noise reduction with no loss of image details
  • Extended dynamic range

HD Panorama

Almalence's HD Panorama solution smoothly stiches up to 100 MPix, up to 360° panoramic images, preserving high dynamic range and handling moving objects to avoid ghosting.


  • Resolution: up to 100 MPix (limited by RAM)
  • Angle: up to 360°
  • High dynamic range, the exposure is automatically adjusted frame by frame.
  • Swipe and frame-by-frame modes available
  • Augmented reality visualization - taken frames displayed over the viewfinder
  • Both gyroscope and image data used for orientation

Auto Scene Detection

Auto Scene Detection allows auto selection of better shooting and post-processing parameters for producing the best possible images.

Almalence's Auto Scene Detection solution works extremely fast with a trifling CPU load.


  • Scene Types:
    • Portrait, Night, Low light, Backlight, Document, Barcode, Macro, Beach, Sports, Street, Snow, Night Club, Nature
    • Portrait can be detected together with any other scene, like Night + Portrait, Backlight + Portrait, et cetera.
    • Coming soon: Dish scene detection
  • Performance: 30 fps
  • CPU load at 30 fps: less than 1%

Best Shot

Instantly analyzing series of shots, Best Shot choses the best one, increasing the chances of taking a blur free image up to 10 times.

The idea of taking several shots instead of a single one and then picking out the best one is obvious yet very effective. The challenge is to make it work transparently for the user.

Almalence's Best Shot solution performs the whole processing in just tens of milliseconds. With 30-60 fps frame rate of modern sensors, it allows to drastically increase the chances of taking good photos with a mobile camera, while the user does not notice that any special processing is happening at all.

Object Removal

Object Removal provides auto detection of moving objects and allows user to choose what to remove.

The final image is smoothly cleaned of selected objects and has no artifacts.


  • Highest detection rate and lowest false detection rate among competing solutions
    (Based on evaluation performed by several mobile OEMs)
  • Smooth stitching
  • Correct handling of reflections and changing illumination
  • Number of input frames: 5 to 8
  • Preview re-calculation speed when user removes/adds the objects: real time
  • Final photo calculation time: less than a second

Almalence's Object Removal technology is licensed by top mobile OEMs (several million devices sold by now).

Sequence Photo

Sequence Photo captures dynamic moment evolution in a single image.

It creates thrilling images when photographing sport events and any other actions with fast movement.


  • User-selection of the input frames to be included in final scene
  • Smooth stitching of the final image
  • Number of input frames: 2 to 10

Group Shot

Make the best photo of a company! Almalence's Group Shot solution allows to select the faces for each person from different frames.

The final image is smoothly stitched with no breaches or artifacts, as it was a single photo.


  • Smooth stitching of the final image (patented segmentation and deghosting algorithm)
  • Compatible with 3rd-party face detection solutions, including Android built-in face detection
  • Real time processing of the preview images, responsive UI
  • Number of input frames: 2 to 8

Almalence's Group Shot technology is licensed by top mobile OEMs (several million devices sold by now).

Noise Reduction and Sharpening

Almalence's high performance noise reduction and sharpening filters provide much better quality than ISP filters.


  • Single-frame noise reduction and sharpening
  • Adjustable parameters easily accessible from application layer
  • Best level of detail preservation with complete removal of noise
  • Lens shading is taken into account (unlike HW ISP filters)