Almalence Incorporated


Almalence Incorporated was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals in digital signal processing with an intention of developing and marketing advanced imaging solutions.

Today we are:

  • Global leader in mobile imaging and computational photography
  • Developer of cutting-edge image processing technologies, including the only super resolution commercially available for desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Maker of top super resolution software for DSLR, top mobile camera applications for Android
  • Mobile imaging solutions vendor to top mobile OEMs in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan
  • Licensor of image processing technolgies to leading imaging software developers

We are a distributed team of professionals working in USA, Israel, Korea, Russia, China, Taiwan and Japan.

Customers and Partners

We work together with world's leading imaging hardware and software developers and mobile device makers.

Sometimes it is difficult to draw a line between partners and customers, as in the process of applying our technologies to a customer's products we often find ourselves working together with the customer towards taking the solution performance to a new level.

Some of our major customers and partners cannot be listed here due to non-disclosure agreements. Below is the list of those we can reveal:

  • Qualcomm

    In partnership with Qualcomm, Almalence makes its mobile and VR/AR imaging solutions available on high-end Qualcomm chipsets, utilizing the advanced computational capabilities of SnapDagon platform to deliver exceptional peraormance and power efficiency.

  • Omnivision

    OmniVision Technologies collaborates with Almalence to allow doctors to see more with smallest endoscopy cameras by utilizing SuperResolution technology.

  • ARM

    Partnering with the ultimate leader in mobile processor design, Almalence delivers exceptional performance on arm-powered platforms and aims at creating new solutions for smartphone, VR/AR, automotive, surveillance and AI markets.

  • Cadence

    Through our partnership with Cadence, our imaging solutions are available on high-performance low power VP5, and VP6 cores.

  • Huawei

    Huawei was the first smartphone OEM to utilize SuperResolution for enhancing zoom quality.

  • Xiaomi

    Using Almalence SuperSensor technology, Xiaomi achieves top DxOMark scores with its flagship devices. The 2020 champion, Mi 10 Ultra, stayed at the top of Zoom ranking with newer high-end devices from competitors unable to outperform it.

  • Vivo

    Vivo uses Almalence computational imaging technologies to achieve high picture quality on its flagship smartphones.

  • Oneplus

    With Almalence SuperResolution Zoom, Oneplus got to the top DxOMark Score ranking.

  • OPPO

    Oppo integrated Almalence SuperResolution technology to achieve the best possible zoom quality of it's flagship device.

  • CEVA

    Through our partnership with CEVA, our imaging solutions are available on high-performance low power MM3101, XM-4 and XM-6 cores.

  • HDRSoft

    HDRSoft, maker of number one HDR professional software Photomatix, uses our solutions in their products.


    SHARP, one of the most innovative makers of consumer electronics, uses Almalence mobile imaging technologies in its modern smartphones.

  • Imagic AG

    Imagic AG is an industry leader in Digital Image Management Systems for professional environments. Almalence's image processing technologies are integrated into Imagic AG software.

  • Intel

    Almalence has received an investment from Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization. The funds will be used to develop the next generation of mobile imaging technology.

    Intel and Almalence have also entered into a strategic collaboration, which will allow Intel to bring the benefits of Almalence's imaging technology to Intel's architecture.

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